Wednesday, 18 January 2017

#ContentSpotlight: Pelu Awofeso, Travel Journalist

Innate in everyone is at least, one thing they know how to do effortlessly. At least one. Sadly, a lot of young people cannot articulate this. Finding out what your strengths are is the first step to greatness! 

  • Discovering Your Strengths is the fourth chapter of the segment The Journey to Self-discovery narrated by Pelu Awofeso, Nigeria’s foremost Travel Journalist. Pelu is passionate about promoting Nigeria’s abundant tourism assets and has been unbelievably supportive of this project. 

  • Go to to listen an excerpt of his chapter. Like what you heard? Then subscribe to the audiobook by sending YES to 669 or visit (ETISALAT NUMBERS ONLY) at N25/Day, N50/Week or N150/month. 

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