Monday, 19 December 2016

#AfricasBiggestBookProject Update #3

Being a self-funded project and an understandably capital-intensive one, I ran out of funds at some point in 2016. Having to run a company with 3 busy SBUs and manage other projects for clients alongside stretched me to exhaustion. But it was all good, ‘cos it gave the content time to evolve, and helped us grow and learn and mature in our understanding of what we were doing and how to package it for our audience.
While it may have looked like a long road to market, I’m grateful for all that has happened in between, both the good and the bad. Here's some of the good stuff:
  • We had private listening sessions with a cluster of young people in Lagos.
  • We had a limited, offline release with over 1k young people in attendance at the University of Ibadan and Enugu State University of Science and Technology. The response was phenomenal.
  • Select mini-documentaries were broadcast to youth corps members in Lagos and Abuja NYSC camps.
  • We have secured a crucial partnership with Etisalat Nigeria. I'm A Graduate Now What? will be available online exclusively on cloud9.  Cloud9 gives us the opportunity to reach a youth demographic of over 6.5m within the network alone - a much bigger audience than we would have been able to otherwise. We are still working on our physical distribution infrastructure. I'll share updates once we are able to achieve this.
  • Marketing: Etisalat will also be providing marketing support for the content across key media channels.
'We have heard o. When are you launching?' You say?

All edits are technically done. So, before you are done digesting this, we would have launched :)
Wish me luck.
End of updates.

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