Monday, 19 December 2016

#AfricasBiggestBookProject Update #2

Dike Chukwumerije's album art
Post-production began in October 2015 and has lasted until this very moment, technically. The number of edits, retakes and revisions we’ve made to the content can drive a normal person insane I tell you. We had to do this for unique content streams or components that completed those streams. Let me give you an idea of the backend work involved:

Audiobook (We call it 'The Audio Experience', nothing quite describes it until you listen to it :))
  • Editing, mixing and mastering of 51 chapters with 56 narrators collaborating on those chapters
  • Sound design for 16 skits
  • 51 original songs, one for each chapter
  • One original theme song
  • Fresh recordings for several narrators
  • 30-seconds sample cuts from each chapter and eventually,
  • A complete redesign of the entire music library
  • Plus, I had to listen to and approve all music, skits and chapters after every iteration

  • 55 mini-documentaries with focus on each narrator per documentary (5 iterations so far)
  • Montage production (Settled on one after the 6th iteration and 4 frustrated animators)
  • 385 narrators pictures curated for the documentaries
  • Plus, I had to watch and approve all mini-documentaries after every iteration

  • Project logo design
  • 56 illustrated images of the narrators
  • 56 album art designs with focus on each narrator
  • Design of 112 marketing posters and slider images
  • Project websites redesign (I’m A Graduate Now What? and Graduatepro)

  • Work with our key partner to create digital distribution infrastructure
  • Learn metadata ingestion protocol etc etc.

It goes without saying that a lot suffered because of this. I stopped writing, rarely saw family or friends and broke down more times than I can remember. For those who asked why I 'disappeared' from social media, now you know :)

P.s. That's Dike Chukwumerije's album art by the way. Spoiler but yeah, whatever :)
...To be continued.



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