Monday, 19 December 2016

#AfricasBiggestBookProject Update #1

Teaser image first released in July, 2015
I've had so many concerned friends and acquaintances calling me to ask, 'Naomi how far with the book project now, eh? It’s taking long o.’ My default answer to everyone who has asked has been ‘We are on it’. To those who have been asking and those wondering what I'm talking about, this update and those following are for you.

On the 22nd of July 2015, Graduatepro, an initiative I founded, unveiled an audacious project at Protea Hotel in Maryland Lagos. The goal was simple, get 56 influential Nigerians to narrate chapters from a book I’d written titled ‘I’m A Graduate Now What?’ Beyond Nigeria, we intend to replicate this project with all its expressions and spin offs, start to finish in 13 other African countries. The next 3 months after the unveil was a whirlwind of dawn to dusk and back to back recording sessions in Lagos and Abuja with narrators who weren't paid a dime coming from far and near to contribute their voices to the cause. It is a cause because I promised to use a percentage of profit generated to fund work-readiness bootcamps across the continent. Interesting thing is, even though I didn’t know it when I started, this was a first-of-its-kind project. Novelty is good as you get to enjoy first-mover status and set the pace for everyone coming after. The downside is that you're also the de facto guinea pig, the one everyone else will use to learn. This singular factor may either be your driving force or be the reason why you give up. We stuck with it. ...To be continued. -- Naomi

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