Monday, 9 May 2016

Managing Creative Projects: A Practical Workshop For Creatives

When I set up Éclat a few years ago, I was working with a somewhat untested business model, one that a lot of people were skeptical about. Why would you want to restrict yourself to the creative industries? Why not just be a project manager, period?

While they made sense, my gut told me something else – A few years down the line, I’m glad I listened. Since Eclat opened her doors, we’ve been overwhelmed with work. I kid you not. In that period of time however, I’ve come to realize just how daunting it is to design and execute creative projects, to grow and take on more challenges, to delegate and trust others to deliver on jobs and because of this, you are stuck. From my experience, these issues are due to a dearth of technically competent people, a mediocrity that pervades the system and the unbelievable lack of professionalism that defines a healthy chunk of creatives on this side of the divide.

Africa’s creative space alone can remove half its unemployed population from the streets if we can create a system for designing and delivering value. The status quo frustrates this possibility. So, I’ve gotten to that point where I absolutely have to do this. 

As a creative myself, I understand the madness, I’ve been able to function in spite of it and really want to teach the frameworks and techniques that will make your work easier and save you unnecessary heartache and stress.

Managing Creative Projects is designed for people in the music, entertainment, fashion, film, broadcasting, publishing and other related sectors; creative entrepreneurs, aspiring project managers and account managers whose day-to-day job roles revolve around experiential, marketing or media driven initiatives.

The aim is to foster a clear understanding of Africa’s creative space and the opportunities it presents, create an ecosystem of individuals who share a passion for excellence, encourage the adoption of creative project management as a productivity strategy, and to encourage collaboration among managers of creative projects.

 The workshop is practical and intimate (For 10 people only). By teaching our tested frameworks for putting some method to the madness, creating a community of creatives who crave more outstanding results, we hope to influence the values that determine how creative projects are managed, for good.

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