Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Reblogged: #AfricasBiggestBookProject Hits Abuja

So Richard Ali, COO Parresia Publishers and one of the narrators on #AfricasBiggestBookProject, wrote this heartwarming article about the recording in Abuja. We like :)


For weeks, Cyberia has been in a state of excitement over #Africas BiggestBookProject. Cyberia, for those who don’t know, is the term coined by Nigerian public intellectual Pius Adesanmi for Nigeria’s internet savvy population.

The #AfricasBiggestBookProject excitement has not been limited to one class of Nigerian netizen – everyone from book publishers, jobless graduates and oil executives to young entrepreneurs have had their browsers tilted its way.

At the heart of the hashtag is Lagos-based Creative Industries communications manager Naomi Lucas and a new book championed by her GradatePro initiative. Lucas’s initiative has brought together Cyberians from the north and from the south to help her cause of bridging the gap between university graduates and the workplace. 

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