Monday, 5 October 2015


I was invited to speak at the Red Cross National Youth Leadership Retreat over the weekend. I went there hoping to inspire, I left with goose bumps because of the two people in this picture.

The lady in the middle is called Glory The Poet. She performed some of her poems and told her story. She got a job as a cleaner at Cool FM. She really wanted to get into production but felt disadvantaged because she wasn't a graduate. After two years working that beat, her curiosity paid off. SHe's now an audio producer with Cool FM and all its sister stations.

The guy in the picture is called Vocal Slender. I'd never heard of him before that day. Vocal Slender lived at Ojota refuse dumpsite (The biggest in all of Lagos) for 10 whole years. He was passionate about music and would sing while working, entertaining his friends and co-workers every now and then. On one of such days, some BBC producers were there on some other business and became fascinated with the scavenger who sang. One thing led to another and they ended up doing a story on him. That story aired on BBC and that was how his story changed.
Great week everyone.

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