Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Briefly: A Japanese Scientist Puts An End To Dental Fillings

This is what I call bad market for manufacturers of dental fillers. And it had to come from Japan :)

Japanese scientist Kazuo Jmagashi, has made a revolutionary discovery in the area of personal hygiene.The amazing discovery is a toothpaste that painlessly fill the holes and cracks inyour tooth, as well as regenerate the tooth enamel without the need of A Dentist.  
Here's How:

  • Its composition is similar to the tooth enamel and may be directly applied on the cracks on the tooth. This material is a result of many experiments with hydroxyapatite – main compound of the tooth.
  • The acid in hydroxyapatite easily dissolves the surface of the damaged enamel. 
  • After three minutes, the paste crystallizes and the artificial substances incorporate in the structure of the natural tooth enamel. Plus this substance is very effective as an antibacterial medicine.
The tests carried out by Kazuo Jmagashi has been proven that if you treat your teeth with this paste, there will be no difference between the healthy teeth and the broken ones. The difference may only be seen with a microscope.

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