Wednesday, 9 September 2015

#‎AfricasBiggestBookProject‬ Narrator Spotlight: Nuhu Fulani Kwajafa

With a deep seated love for humanity, Nuhu Kwajafa has been a natural giver since early childhood. After a brief stint of work in his father's Security Consulting company (Kwajafa Security & Investigation Services), Nuhu registered his NGO, The Global Initiative for Peace Love and Care (GIPLC) and has since used this humanitarian Organization to implement various charity projects for and on behalf of vulnerable women and Children in Nigeria and other parts of the world. For about eight years now, Nuhu has committed a larger part of his working life to humanitarian projects and has pioneered various charity initiatives in areas where few have dared to venture.

GIPLC was the first NGO to visit Dogo Na-hawa Village in Jos with relief items four days after the massacre of over three hundred women and children. Shortly after the 2012 massive flooding that affected coastline states in Nigeria, GIPLC raised over 20 million naira and mobilized aid materials to affected areas using ad-hoc volunteer personnel.

Nuhu raised over Two hundred and thirty four thousand dollars within 72 hours for Miss Okiki Jesu, the only child on earth ever born without a skull. Nuhu personally relocated young Okiki to the United States and initiated her treatment at the renown John Hopkins Hospital, and today, after the first surgery of its kind, Okiki is doing excellently well and will soon return to Nigeria with her parents.

GIPLC has been running three humanitarian programs simultaneously in Nigeria (on nutrition, education and healthcare), and has so far de-wormed over 60,000 Nigerian children, having raised over three million dollars so far for these projects
GIPLC has for eight years now, supported over 34 orphanages on a monthly basis. At one time, Nuhu sold his only car to provide the monthly food and resources to his ‘children’ when their targeted monthly collected couldn't meet up with demand.

GIPLC remains the only NGO in Nigeria that has worked with enviable results in the humanitarian sector for eight years without any support from Government or foreign donors. Amongst other international engagements, In May 2014 Mr. Kwajafa addressed 1000 delegates from over 80 countries in Puerto Rico who attended a world conference on Early Child Care Development.

In March 2014, Mr. Kwajafa approached the embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Abuja FCT, offering to execute meaningful humanitarian projects for and on behalf of the vulnerable women and children he had seen on CNN currently in refugee camps following the political crisis that erupted in the country in 2013. In March 2014, with the endorsement of the embassy, GIPLC travelled to South Sudan on an assessment mission.

Nuhu is currently working on his pioneer AFRICANS FOR AFRICA project tagged SAVE THE CHILDREN OF SOUTH SUDAN aimed at raising awareness, funds and humanitarian aid for the refugees of the country.

He tweets via@Kwajafanuhu. To find out more about his work, visit 

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