Thursday, 13 August 2015

Briefly: Google's New Name, Alphabet, Poses Problems

Google's new parent company, Alphabet, has encountered an issue with the German automaker company, BMW, over its new name Alphabet.
The name Alphabet belongs to one of the BMW’s fleet services company with the domain name While BMW is not planning on selling its domain, it is looking into whether Google's Alphabet has infringed on its trademark, with no legal action currently planned.
Also, reports reveal that more than 100 companies have trademark registrations in the United States with the word alphabet and even the @Alphabet Twitter handle belongs to Chris Andrikanich.
As a solution, the giant technology company, Google, launched as its domain name instead. Following Larry Page’s restructuring announcement yesterday, Alphabet is now the parent company of Google, a move designed to separate the core products such as search engine, Gmail, Android, etc. from its other projects  like Fiber, Calico, X, self-driving cars .
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