Wednesday, 5 August 2015


So officially, I'm overwhelmed. I'm overwhelmed by all the love and support I've gotten in the last two weeks (Jeez, it's been only two weeks since we unveiled the project). Support from people I don't know. Support from friends, from my staff, from mentors, from acquaintances, from narrators who have gone beyond their brief on this project.

It's left me feeling tearful a lot of the time lately 'cos I've never felt the need to say thank you so many times. 

The media has been unbelievable. I have come to realize that not every journalist wants a brown envelope... there is hope still.

Today's 2-page feature in THISDAY newspapers opened the floodgates I guess. I felt someone finally got what I'd been trying to say for so long. My heartfelt thank you to Solomon Elusoji who came to the studio, spoke with the crew and narrators and then wrote the most beautiful narrative about this project till date. My sincere apologies to my HIGHLY ESTEEMED narrators who were erroneously tagged as 'fans' and 'friends'. I only found out after it was published. Please rest assured that I'm more your 'fan' than the other way round.

I had a HuffingtonPost interview via phone yesterday. I'm looking forward to that one. You should too.

The sessions are really interesting. I'm glad the narrators, beyond giving back, are having some good fun :) I should share pictures from last week in a bit.

And yeah, if you know of any sponsors who can partner with me on this, or want to partner yourself, please send me a message. This project has been self-funded so far. It's not easy.

Have a swell day everyone :D


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