Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Simply Amazing: Meet The Granny Choir!

Old age could be very challenging but for the grannies in the KBG84 group at the Kohama in Okawa-Japan, life is fun all the way.

The KBG84 is a group of 33- strong dancers and singers whose average age is 84. The eldest member is 97 Years old.

Normally hunched and clutching walking sticks, the grannies toss canes and walkers aside like rock stars when they're on stage, dancing with joyous abandon to the pling-plang of traditional Okinawan string music.

The band’s name KBG84 is an acronym and was coined from a teeny-bopper band called AKB48. The acronym “K” stands for “Kohama-jima,” “B” for “oBachan,” or “old ladies” in Japanese, and “G” is for “Gasshodan,” or “choir” while 84 signifies the age.

Their single - Come on and Dance, is a massive hit in Kohama Island and are just about completing a sold-out national tour.

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