Monday, 13 July 2015

Briefly: UK Bans Non European Students From Working During And After Graduation

The Great Britain has introduced a new immigration rule for foreign nationals studying in the UK.
Under the immigration rule by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, foreign students will no longer have access to the 22 hours working opportunity and they are to return to their home countries after graduation. Also, the length of stay will be cut to two years and non-European Union students will not be able to apply for a visa extension at the completion of their programmes. Meanwhile, graduates interested in working will have to leave the UK and reapply to return for a job.  

According to the UK Ministers, the new rules which only apply to all those from outside the European Union, will stop colleges being used as a 'back door to a British work visa'.

Stakeholders including business owners and universities called for the reversal of the rule claiming the ejection proposal after graduation are misguided and would damage the British education system, economy and global influence of the Great Britain.

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