Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#AfricasBiggestBookProject Narrator Spotlight: Amanda Kirby Okoye

Amanda Kirby Okoye - Narrator #AfricasBiggestBookProject
Not a lot of people would take up the expensive endeavor of pursuing their passion for collecting Nigerian historical relics from all over the world, or any passion for that matter; but not a lot of people possess the drive, enthusiasm and patriotic spirit of Amanda Kirby Okoye, celebrated Image historian, blogger and C.E.O - Kirby PR.

Her passion was activated by a chance online encounter with the “Nigeria Nostalgia Project” group. Fascinated by information being fed her, she initially pursued her hobby as a self-awareness initiative, but the personal enterprise quickly metamorphosed into a public awareness campaign driven by the need to educate, empower and create positive awareness about Nigeria, its history, and culture, through pictures, films and artifacts. 

In a November 2014 Interview with Soni Irabor on 92.3 Inspiration FM, the depth of her knowledge was tested, with Amanda leaving the audience craving for more of the information that she shares on her History Blog, a veritable platform for enjoying images and articles from Nigeria’s pre and post-colonial era.

A graduate of Law from the London Metropolitan University, U.K, she attended her first colonial auction in Australia, that being the first of over 17 auctions attended worldwide to date. She has procured rare artifacts associated with Nigeria including first generation documents, artworks and other significant memorabilia.

At present, she is putting together an exhibition of her collection in Lagos that showcases Nigeria from 1860 – 1960, and has plans to replicate these projects in the long term across borders. 

Amanda currently shuttles between England and Nigeria. She also shares her personal thoughts from time to time on her widely followed Facebook page.
...Amanda Kirby Okoye as storified by Uzo Okonkwo.
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