Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Briefly: Sam Cossman - Defying Death For A Living

Adventurer and documentary filmmaker, Sam Cossman’s risky exploits started in early childhood when he and his twin sister started building rafts during floods to sail the river that formed in their backyard.

His most recent exploit is the exploration of a volcano locals call the “entrance to hell." In December last year, Cossman, stood on the rim of ‘the entrance to hell’. with his toes dangling over the edge, he cheered and laughed as 2,000-degree molten lava spat at his gas mask and melted his crew’s camera equipment. Cossman stepped into the mouth of the Marum Crater — given to spontaneous eruptions and acid rainstorms to capture some incredible footage.
During his volcano walk on Ambrym Island, his team used drones to create 3D renderings of the crater, which researchers will use to measure the circumference of the lava lake and predict eruptions.
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