Friday, 19 June 2015

Briefly: Local Herbs May Provide Elusive Cure for Cancer

Nigerian and Chinese researchers in their study published in the International Journal of Cancer Research on February 25, 2015,  have revealed that several plant foods commonly consumed in Nigeria are effective in the treatment of certain cancers.
They  identified bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina), Gongronema latifolium (utazi in Ibo, arokeke in Yoruba), West African Black Pepper or Ashanti pepper (Piper guineense, uziza in Igbo and ata iyere in Yoruba), sesame (Sesamum indicum), and Cowhage also called Velvet bean (agbala or agbaloko in Ibo and werepe in Yoruba) as herbs with good extract for  cancer cure .
The research team, Emeka Eze, Joshua Iweala, Fang-Fang Liu, Rong-Rong Cheng, Yan Li, Conrad Asotie Omonhinmin and Ying-Jun Zhang believe the herbs could provide cure to bone, lung, breast and colon cancers.
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