Friday, 12 June 2015

Briefly: James Harrison, The Man With The Golden Arm

78 year old Australian, James Harrison is described as a man with no exceptional lifestyle but the blood flowing through his veins makes him just that - Type AB plasma, also called 'Miracle Blood'. With his blood, Harrison has saved over 2 million babies in Australia.
Harrison was discovered to have an unusual antibody in his blood after a chest surgery he had and the blood transfusion he received - A total of 13 units. He then joined forces with doctors to use the antibodies to develop an injection called Anti-D, a life-saving medication, given to moms whose blood is at risk of the Rhesus disease - a situation where the woman's body produces antibodies that attacks her unborn child. Every batch of Anti-D that has ever been made in Australia has come from James' blood.
With over 17% of Australian women at risk of the Rhesus disease, James has helps saved a lot of lives. Till date only about 50 people are known with this rare blood type in Australia.

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