Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Briefly: Buhari, Governors To Pay Workers’ Salaries - See Their Strategy Here

President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerian State Governors met to discuss the lingering issue of non-payment of salaries owed civil servants in some states of the federation. With a view to solving the issue, the Governors requested the following:

  • That tax paid by the Nigeria Natural Liquefied Gas Company be paid into the Federation Account and for it to be shared as stipulated by the constitution
  • Obedience of extant Supreme Court ruling that all monies go into the Consolidated Federation Account
  • An order from the President that all revenue generating agencies must pay into the Consolidated Federation Account
  • Review of Nigeria's Revenue Allocation Formula
  • A special consideration for the three states of the North East under Boko Haram attack
  • Full details of the amounts that accrued into the Excess Crude Account from 2011, and how the money miraculously shrank without official sharing
  • Refund of the monies expended by states on federal projects
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