Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Opinion: We Need More Men By Godwin Tom

We need more mentors... Men who are not afraid to raise more men. Men who will build an army of men who carry on a legacy of integrity and dedication to whatever task they are given. We blame our fathers for failing us but we have spent so much time and effort blaming them that we are failing our sons and brothers. 

We need more Brothers... Men who care for the fellow men and are not constantly thinking of ways to outdo the other man but instead hopes to build. Men who will fight for what they believe and inspire generations unborn. 

We need more fathers... The feminization of boys has taken over how boys were brought up! Boys are not longer allowed to fall off a bike or play contact sport or just allowed to fall on the ground. Our fathers are too busy to father their sons and boys are left to be raised as girls. Shout out still to mothers who have raised men... Sometimes by themselves. 

We need more role models... A template for the younger generation. An inspiration to the growing man. Men who focus on transferring values and principles. 

We need more warriors... Men who are not afraid to secure and protect the future. Men who will die for their nation and their children. Men who will live with honor and courage and face oppression standing firm. Men who are great not because they have no fear but because they conquer them for the love of family and country. 

We need more visionaries... Men who will shape the times, now and the future alike. Men who see solutions in the toughest situations. Men who make tough decisions and follow through because it is right! 

We need men who live with integrity and honor. Men who will take care of their own. Men who are faithful. Men who will find a way to provide and not depend on the woman to feed, clothe, and sponsor them. Men who are strong but gentle. Men who are bold enough to admit their mistakes but wise enough to avoid making them again. Men who keep their word... 

I am not a perfect man and I have failed in a number of these things the world needs but we can start now to build together because the truth is we are becoming a dying breed. So I cry... 


©Godwin Tom

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