Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Exciting New Content On The Blog: Ploughing Through The Pain

You know Samira Gomwalk? You don't? Wow! You should get out more often :)

Okay seriously now, Samira Gomwalk is nothing short of an inspiration. Her story makes even my most daunting challenges seem insignificant. I personally do not believe I can deal with half what Samira has been through, is still going through and still be sane. I don’t see how. But she continues to amaze me with her doggedness and endless positivity.

I began to feel a very strong urge to document our telephone conversations over a year ago. I thought, "How many people are dealing with what she’s dealing with and feeling like there’s nobody out there who gets it?" I asked if she would share her story and she agreed, so here we are. 

Samira Gomwalk: Ploughing Through The Pain is a no-holds-barred audio series that documents my phone conversations with Samira about her life, her dreams and her journey with cancer. 

I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll stop here. Look out for the series on this blog from Friday this week and do spread the word.

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