Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Briefly: While We Queue Up For Fuel, Here's How Bas Lansdorp Intends To Colonise Mars

  • I honestly believe that until we fix power, We may not regain our ability to dream big dreams. The kind that causes permanent, delicious insomnia. While we hustle for petrol and diesel, Bas Lansdrop has decided to colonise Mars through his privately funded, non-profit project - Mars One.

  • Mars One was set up by Dutch energy entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp and European Space Agency scientist Arno Wielders. It aims to create a permanent human settlement on Mars starting in 2027. On the advisory team is Dr Norbert Kraft, an award-winning Nasa researcher specialising in physiological and psychological coping mechanisms on long-duration space expeditions.

  • The journey to Mars is at least 33 million miles and the flight time is seven to eight months. A new four-person crew will depart every two years. Mars One has yet to select an aerospace company to build the spacecraft, but says it will be built using existing technology.

  • It’s a one-way ticket. Mars One will establish habitable inflatable pods (above) with life-support systems and units for growing fresh food, but due to initial costs, in the short term there will be no launch facilities for a return rocket.

  • Mars One is planning to raise funds through private investors and media exposure. A reality TV deal with the maker of Big Brother has fallen through and it is now negotiating with other companies.

  • Putting the first four people on Mars will cost £3.9 billion, according to Mars One (Nasa’s estimates for a two-way mission are around £66 billion). So far, the project has raised around £500,000.

  • More details here.

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