Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Briefly: The B**bs Vs Brain Debate

It's looking like the ladies visiting Dr. 90210 missed this memo.

His name is Professor David Bainbridge. He is an evolutionary Biologist.

Bainbridge says:

  • Men value intelligence over bust size when they are searching for a future wife.
  •  Brains suggests a women is likely to be a responsible mother.
  • Brains indicate that the woman was brought up by intelligent parents and had been well looked after in childhood. 
  • Features Like long legs don't matter to men.
  • Men only prize symmetrical features because it suggests a potential partner is young, healthy and has stable genes. As a result he said that men are not even interested in the size of a woman’s breasts – because they are rarely symmetrical.

P.s - LOL. Is Professor Bainbridge high? Which men?

Read more of his very spirited argument here

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