Friday, 16 January 2015

The 30 Day Challenge: Day 28, Know Thy Neigbour

One of the biggest problems we have in this country is our perception about our fellow Nigerians. The Hausa man believes some things about his Igbo neighbour; the Yoruba landlord will not rent his house to me because I can't speak his language. Myopic misconceptions deprive us of the joy that we can derive from such diverse relationships. Using the north as an example, did you know:
  • The north consists of a total of 19 out of Nigeria’s 36 states?
  • In all, there are one hundred and nine major ethnic groups in these states
  • Out of all 19, the Hausa-Fulani constitute a majority in only 5 of them
  • As an example, 47% of the entire population in Adamawa which is considered a Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri stronghold are Christians, belong to ethnic groups different from the three I mentioned above and speak their own language. 
  • You’ll find the same mix in fourteen of the nineteen states in the North with some states having as many as twenty major ethnic groups apart from Hausa and Fulani.

So when in response to the attacks and bomb blasts you say 'It's good for them'; who is 'them'? You see my point?


  • Take some time out today and question the assumptions you have had about your fellow Nigerian. Start with your Igbo neighbour you have warned your kids to avoid :) 
  • What is the basis for your assumption(s)?
  • Is/Are it/they valid or do you have some 'un'learning to do?
  • When you have thought through make a commitment to learn more about the world you live in, starting with the people you share the same geographical space with.
©Naomi Lucas
  • The 30 Day Challenge started on the 14th of January and will last until election day (February 14, 2015). 
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