Saturday, 17 January 2015

The 30 Day Challenge: Day 27, Cocktails From Lemons

Sometimes when you think of the circumstances under which you came to bear the name - Nigerian, it's enough to make you cringe. It's like finding out your father married your mother because of her trust fund. It just makes you feel one kain; repulsed, somewhat guilty, uncomfortable. You were not there when he made his decision but you still feel embarrassed, even frustrated by it.

Such is the case with Nigeria. The Brits, in their wisdom, driven more by the need to secure their business interests than nationhood, merged the Northern and Southern protectorates and there you have it - Nigeria.

But, like the product of a marriage with a less than noble agenda, how you for do? 

  • How do you think we can make this marriage work? Let me put it another way, how can we make one hell of a lemon cocktail from the lemons we've been handed?
  • You can either list your ideas in the comments section or make a note to yourself. What is important is that you actually think about it.
©Naomi Lucas

  • The 30 Day Challenge started on the 14th of January and will last until election day (February 14, 2015). 
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