Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The 30 Day Challenge: Day 16, Rethinking Religion And It's Stranglehold

He called me everyday for more than a month. Every single day. More than once each day. While I understood his predicament, I knew I won't employ someone I have no need of.

Then the opportunity came. I was handling a major brief. It was political. I knew his background and knew we would need his skills set. I arranged an interview with my Admin Manager with the intention to finalize with him so he could start.

I got to the office and was told he had left. I found it odd he did especially 'cos I'd instructed that he wait for me. My Admin Manager told me what happened. Her questions revolved around Nigeria's political space, what his thoughts were about the issues, the challenges and the opportunities. He said he didn't have an opinion. Curious, she asked why. Obviously, his religion did not permit him to have one and he had scriptures to back every single question that was thrown at him. Feeling really frazzled he left without finishing his interview.
I needed a facility manager who could work late and on weekends too and asked for one to be recruited for that purpose. Again, I was told there was a suitable candidate, but. But what? He had to ask his Pastor first. I asked for an explanation 'cos I couldn't wrap my head around what I'd just been told - Boy does not have a job and looks like he desperately needs one. Boy gets job and was asked to start as soon as he could. Boy says, I will but first, I need to ask my Pastor...

What is this thing that religion has done to us? Why have we stopped thinking? Why have we lost focus on what's truly important and instead begun to worship mere men?

  • If your religion discourages you using the brain you were born with, from questioning things and finding meaning for and by yourself, there's a problem. 
  • For the Christians reading this, I don't care what anybody says, your bible remains the ultimate standard. If anything you are told contravenes what it says, then there's a problem. 
  • And if you are closer to your Pastor than the one your Pastor represents, I'm very truly sorry for you.
© Naomi Lucas

The 30 Day Challenge started on the 14th of January and will last until election day (February 14, 2015).
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Nijava's blog said...

Indeed. If your prayer does not help you to work well and your work does feature in your prayer, it's time to re-examine matters. (paraphrased from St. Joosemaria)