Friday, 30 January 2015

The 30 Day Challenge: Day 14, We Could All Do With Some Rehab

A few years back, I took a bus. Engrossed in thought, I didn't notice how dilapidated the bus was until it started moving. I could see the tar, I felt every single pot-hole, the windows had no glass. I was shocked at how comfortable everyone looked. I asked the conductor why he was driving a bus with bare windows. I asked what he would do if it began to rain. Before the conductor could speak, the passengers adopted the problem. Some asked what I was doing in the bus since I was so finicky. Some said I should get down and take a cab since I was looking for comfort. My heart broke when an old woman by my side said in Yoruba, 'There's no need to complain, so far the engine is good.' I was shocked into silence by that encounter and it stayed with me for a long time. 

I was in damaturu sometime for a training and asked some indigenes to tell me what the governor had done. They said he built some roads. I had never seen such pride in my life. All I felt was pity that they didn't know how much more they could have, demand for and how much more was available to them.

I have realized that for you to aspire for more, for better, you must first convince yourself that it is out there somewhere, that you deserve it and that you can get it if you try. Nigerians need to think this way. Anything goes in this country. Mediocrity is celebrated from the market to corporate corridors. It is not okay. But things will never change as long as we accept them as they are.

Don't settle for less. People tend to meet your expectations when they realize you know what you want and nothing short of that will do.
The 30 Day Challenge started on the 14th of January and will last until election day (February 14, 2015).
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