Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Take The 30 Day Challenge!

I have been accused in the last couple of weeks of ‘keeping quiet’ about Nigeria’s political terrain. But I am not one to speak if I’m not sure what to say. Now I do and I urge you to listen. Please.

Nigeria has caused me a lot of constipation and sleepless nights. I have been analyzing the landscape and the build up to the presidential elections and asking myself everytime – what does this all mean? What lesson do we need to learn so we can move from here? How do we move from here? While doing all this thinking, my attention was drawn to the significant numbers at play:

Nigeria was amalgamated – 1914
As a collective we have existed for 100 years – 2014
Elections are scheduled for – Feb, 14

As a person, I am very conscious of seasons. Like Almustapha describes it – the undulating nature of life. I try to think in periods not actual dates, so I ask, what is it about the numbers 14 and 100? So that I do not bore you, you can take your time to study the significance of both numbers but people, we are not alive today by mistake. 10 is a perfect number, add 0 and you have 100. It signifies completeness. 7 is the number of perfection, multiply it twice and you have 14.

I think Nigeria is at a major crossroad. For 100 years it has flourished and floundered, grown and made mistakes and that cycle was completed last year. 2015 represents a new beginning, a decent opportunity to start again and well, and you, reading this, are a catalyst for the next 100 years. The decisions you will make in February will affect 170 million people and at least 3 generations unborn. I spoke with a sage who told me, Naomi, if we don’t get it right this time, the opportunity will not present itself for a long while. I think that long while is another 100 years.

I have read with dismay the retarded thinking and sentiments displayed on my timeline by some and I worry that our sentimental and shortsighted approach to working through issues may be our very undoing, if we don’t do what is required.

The 30 Day Challenge will do just that – Challenge. Together, we will test assumptions and strongly held beliefs and dispassionately think through the issues as it relates to Nigeria. Today is January 14th, we decide Nigeria’s future in exactly 30 days.

Every morning, I will share a post with a clear call to action, all I ask is that you open up your mind to learn, to consider differing points of views, to ask the hard questions and arrive at the answers all by yourself.

If you will like to take the challenge, please like this post below or drop a comment.

Day 30: Today, be quiet. Stop talking. Let your mind wander. Think about love, life, the future and happiness. Be quiet and let your mind rest. You will need it in the coming days.

©Naomi Lucas

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