Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Upside Of Living Without Cable TV

After waiting for weeks to be reactivated, sending emails and getting automated replies, tweeting at their handle and being ignored and dealing with really crappy customer care executives, I decided I had had it with DSTV. I stopped renewing my subscription. I was just upset and I figured it wasn’t by force to buy stuff from people who didn’t really care whether or not I was happy about their service.

Now, you must understand how big a decision that was for me. For someone who can watch the various crime channels all day, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be able to stay angry.

You know, I used to wonder what my fascination was with whodunit. There is just something about a crime story and the way detectives analyze and struggle to unravel the mystery behind a death, abduction or disappearance. One time, I became so bothered I asked the baba who lived at the junction not too far from my house. 

He said we should wait for a full moon. We did. When we saw one, he stared at it for a full minute and then told me the truth. 
My child, he said, in your other life, you were not even Nigerian. 
Oh yeah? I asked intrigued. So, who was I? 
You were born in the UK, and at 23 married the famous Sherlock Holmes. 
Huh? Isn't Sherlock a fictional character?
No... baba said. In the planet where you lived before, Ogbeni Sherlock worked at Scotland Yard. 
I grinned. Baba...
But it all made sense.
So that’s why I’m attracted to all them crime stories eh? 
Yes, he nodded wisely.

As treatment for my addiction, he prescribed 3 tablespoons of Yoyo Bitters and one bulb of onion per week. My ailment is now under control.

Sorry for digressing.
(Please, I hope you did not take that story seriously? Incase you did, free yourself o)
Sorry for digressing.

I have said all of this to let you know I suffered serious withdrawal symptoms when I boycotted DSTV. But something amazing happened even though I didn’t notice at first. 

I found other ways to get most of the information I would have watched on Cable TV. And I also found other things to do with my time. I felt and still feel less depressed and agitated about all the bad things happening all over the globe. I have more time for books. I sleep earlier than I would have if I were watching Paula Zahn. I wake up rested and brimming with hope. I finished a book I had been struggling to write forever. 

The most amazing thing that happened to me is this – I have come to realise (All by myself mind you) that I am still alive, I can breath, without cable TV. Praise God somebody.

Which brings me to the moral of this somewhat convoluted story: There is a clear difference between needs and wants. Sadly, most of us have both confused and spend energy and money on wants that have taken on the appearance of needs. 

Some of the things we so desperately chase after, do we really need them? Are we overestimating their potential to bring joy, fulfilment and happiness when what we have is enough? huh?

P.s – I have been DSTV free for almost 2 years now. At this rate I just might dash somebody my decoder :D

©Naomi Lucas 
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Oma Oma said...

Please can I have your decoder?? Thanks in advance lol

Olajide Olayemi said...

At first i thought you wanted to drop a bombshell on DSTV's recent discrepancies i.e. 5 mins booting, sudden trip off and so on but funnily you brought something absolutely different. I quite agree what your friend said about milking your social capital. You are GOOD!!

Naomi Lucas said...

Lol. Oma kimon!

Naomi Lucas said...

Lol. Thanks Olajide :D

Naomi Lucas said...

Lol. Thanks Olajide :D