Friday, 3 October 2014

MUST WATCH: #SpokenWord - The Ramblings of a Poet in Love by Dike Chukwumerije

Dike Chukwumerije (If you don't know who he is, you can read his bio at the end of the page.) just released his 2nd spoken word video. And he doesn't disappoint. To hear a guy say these words... it gives me hope that there really are good ones out there.

Ladies, you need to watch this and get your men to do same. Maybe they will finally get what we have been trying to tell them since :))

And for those who would rather read, please see below for the text of his video performance. If you like it, do share with your friends and loved ones.


©Naomi Lucas 

Ah! Don’t get me started on love 

You people! Do not get me started on love 

Because I can trace every contour on the surface of her body 

From the tip of her nose, to the parting of her lips 

And when she sighs, it’s like fingers on the strings of my soul 

From the curve of her hips going down to her toes
I know every story behind every scar 

I watch every shadow that crosses her heart
I know when she’s angry even when she’s smiling 

I know when she’s hurt even when she says, “It’s ok” 

But it’s not… 

Tonight, I need to bring you close 

I need to let you know what you mean to me 

If I’m a vessel, you fill me 

If I’m a sentence, you complete me 

If I’m a potential, you realize me 

If I’m a dream, you make me come true… 

But it’s not enough to talk 

For words are cheaper than the paper they’re printed on 

And if love is just a feeling it’s not worth depending on 

So, I guarantee you this: 

On that day I’m tired I’ll walk another mile - for you 

And when life gets rough, I’ll take another blow - for you 

I won’t hit you once; I won’t hit you ever 

And whatever it is we’ll face it together 

I know we’ll fight, but I know we’ll make up 

And I can’t promise you we’ll get to the top 

I don’t know the future; I don’t need to know it 

For love is a choice and I don’t need to feel it… 

Because- what if you’d never fallen for my lines? 

Left your life to become a part of mine? 

If I don’t see you become more than you were 

Then what does it mean when I say, I care? 

Just to watch you wither beside me? 

Lose the woman you were meant to be? 

Become a wife, a mother, everything else? 

Anything else - but yourself? 

Ah! A broken heart is a fair price to pay 

To keep your soul 

So walk away 

From embraces that smother 

Kisses that kill 

A love that revolves around how they feel 

What about you? 

What about me? 

What about purpose and our individuality? 

What about the things we could never share even if we wanted to? 

What about destiny and the places we were going to? 

Some things are more important than chocolates and flowers 

And love’s a lot more than this bunch of roses 

It has thorns 

It grows roots 

It needs water 

And if you don’t work it, it won’t last forever 

It’s a rock, it’s a stone, it’s a twisted path
It’s not a ring on your finger 

It’s much, more than that… 

So it’s okay to write some poetry 

To strum a guitar and find a melody 

But behind it all there burns a conviction 

That’ll last a lot longer than any attraction 

Because- I see you
The ‘you’ inside that body 

The way you were when you came to me 

Your hopes, your dreams, your destiny 

Love is meaningless if it only chains you to me 

I want you to be all you could be 

All you could have been if you’d never met me…

Dikeogu Egwuatu Chukwumerije, is a writer and a performance poet. He also hosts the Abuja Literary Society (ALS)'s Night of Spoken Words. He has written books like The African American, One Nigeria: The Birth and Evolution of an Idea, The Revolution Has No Tribe: Contemporary Poetry on African History, Culture and Society Co-written with Azuka Juachi Okonji, Strategic Love: Simple Rules That Make Love Work and many others. He also did a tribute to the legendary Chinua Achebe titles 'Nna Anyi, Is It True?' after his demise. His writings can be found on Dike is married with children.

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