Thursday, 30 October 2014

Introducing Eclat

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My goodness! It has been ages since I posted anything on this blog. My sincere apologies to those who kept checking and checking and finally had to ask what was going on. Nothing at all. Just work o. Work has not allowed me write as often as I would have loved. It's not an excuse, true :)

Speaking about work, in the last one year, the two most frequent questions I have been asked is:
1. So, what exactly do you do? and 
2. Apart from blogging, what else do you do?

And I realized that while I yap and yap about any and everything, I have projected very little about myself (A friend said, Naomi you are not milking your social capital o. I quite agree.) But you see, I have always thought it distasteful when people go on and on about themselves on their own platforms. But for the purpose of this blogpost, I have changed my mind. For once, I am going to be very narcissistic and dedicate an entire blogpost to me. Yup. Please endure. This too shall pass. Hehe.

Because I blog very actively, most people have assumed that's what I do. Nehi. You see, blogging is actually what I do after I have finished doing everything else. But I keep at it because writing is therapy for me. It helps me let off steam and clear my thoughts when it feels like my head is stuffed with cottonwool and trust me, that happens a lot.

Having worked for close to a decade wearing shoes ten times bigger than my tiny feet, I have to admit I have come into my own way faster than most people my age. My work over the years involved overseeing complex projects and managing very crucial accounts for several of the world's biggest multinationals. The standards, work ethic, excellence, professionalism and international exposure I got from that has shaped who I am and for that I will forever remain grateful. 

I now exploit all that knowledge and range of skills in helping Africa's creative industries. The creative industries hold a lot of promise but the adhoc, anyhowness of business within the space scares investors and frustrates process; two very important components for any industry that must scale and remain sustainable. 

It is in this field that I have decided to play, warehousing skills and a wide network of people who understand the business side of creativity and are extremely passionate about making these businesses work. From Film to Music, Fashion to Theatre, Publishing to Broadcasting, my intention is to add value in the design and management of creative projects from start to finish.

So, in a nutshell, that's what I do. To learn more, please visit and don't forget to let me know what you think yeah?

Have a swell day people.

P.s - If you are currently planning a creative project on the continent we probably should talk before you go too far. Don't lose money or fall into the wrong hands before you get professional help... just saying :) 

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