Thursday, 7 August 2014

Still On Ebola: Leave Patrick Sawyer Alone

Patrick Sawyer
We are a funny bunch of people in this country. A very funny bunch. So Patrick Sawyer came into the country with the dreaded Ebola virus. So he died. Now there is Ebola in Nigeria and it has emerged that Patrick may have known he had the virus before travelling. So freaking what? Insulting the dead man does not solve the problem. Heaping curses on him and his genealogy past, present and future does not solve the problem.

Patrick Sawyer made it to Nigeria because
of lapses on the part of the Liberian government. Patrick Sawyer ended up infecting some Nigerians because of lapses at the airport and the hospital he was taken to. These are institutional problems that have existed before you and I were born. We knew there was an outbreak of Ebola more than a month before Patrick boarded a plane headed in our direction, yet our health workers treated him without taking the necessary precautions.

The way the system works, if it wasn't Patrick, it would have been someone else. I mean, you can travel by road across West Africa without a passport, just hold enough cash to tip Immigrations. As we speak, tons of people are still travelling to and from other West African states into Nigeria. That is the reality. Deal with it.

Please, do us all a favour, read, listen to and watch materials on how to safeguard yourself and do as instructed. Stop fanning the embers of panic and paranoia, quoting figures from western media that don't even know where your country is located on a freaking map. Ebola is not a death sentence. The fatality rate is 51%. Some cancers are worse.

And for those who have spent all day insulting the dead Patrick, a big shame on you! You should know better. You should be better. And just to help you sleep better tonight, remember no one is promised tomorrow anyway.

May the need for survival not turn us all into unfeeling monsters
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Sebastian Ahenmokhai said...

I agree this happened because of lapses in our security and medical setup, but that doesn't change the fact he intentionally infected innocent people. These same people have infected others.. People have a right to feel aggrieved.. I am not part of the hypocritical school of thought that says, you don't speak ill of the dead.. to me that's bull**** if a person was an ass, say it, whether living or dead.. yes Blaming and cursing him doesn't change anything but don't castigate people for venting their feelings..

Naomi Lucas said...

Sebastian, I hear you but the crux of my argument is that irrespective of Patrick, Ebola would still have found its way here... and that's what we need to deal with.

Hairy Diary said...

Oh people look to my side
Let not that which wails
Blind that which saves!