Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Are You A Creative Entrepreneur, You Should Read This!

Before Nigeria's GDP rebasing, it was hard to tell exactly how much the creative industries have contributed to the country's growth. One thing was clear though, Nigeria's creative industries are almost single-handedly responsible for rebranding the country. Where corruption, advance fee fraud and poor development indices have embarrassed us in the international community, our creative industries have given us reasons to stand proud. From music to fashion to our very own Nollywood, we have something(s) to brag about while we work on fixing the other malfunctioning parts.

Over 50% of Nigeria's economic growth has been attributed to its informal sector of which the creative industries form a major part. Now the government is paying more attention and actively putting structures in place to maximise opportunities this new revelation has presented.

As important as these efforts are, there are other important considerations that will help the creative entrepreneur sustain his/her business. At the center of Nigeria's efforts to stimulate growth within the sector is the concept of intellectual property (IP). IP in Nigeria is still a murky landscape with fluid definitions and poor stakeholder understanding of the subject.

For the creative entrepreneur to thrive, IP needs to take center-stage in discourse, planning and management of creative initiatives and in policy and investment decisions targeted at the sector - IP from a local perspective, one that interprets the legal and business implications of everyday decisions creatives make and takes into consideration the peculiarities of doing business in Africa.

One firm has decided to make this its overarching mission, straddling the intersection between arts, culture, IP law, business and technology.

If you own or manage a record label, a production, publishing outfit or marketing communications agency; if you are an artiste, movie or music producer, actor/actress, inventor or fashion designer; if you license or distribute content, are considering investing in the creative industry or if you're someone who has a unique idea and looking for ways to protect and maximize it, you should be talking to Adelphi Consulting.

Adelphi Consulting is an Intellectual Property and Business Design consultancy with a focus on the African creative economy.

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