Friday, 4 July 2014

The Life Race

I was assigned her chaperone. She came from the UK  as a trainer. On our way back from shopping, she looked out the car window and smiled with delight.
"see" she pointed at the dark sky.

I looked up. It was a moon with some stars around it, like someone with an appreciation for geometry, had carefully arranged them. "Hmm" I muttered. She kept staring.

On my way home that night I thought about the beauty dangling above my head. I wondered if I would ever have noticed if she had not made me. I didn't think so.

I see some inventions from other climes, aesthetically appealing but with little or no functional purpose and I think "These ones don chop belleful. Person wey dey hungry no go get time do dis one." Now I'm not so sure. Maybe they know some things we don't and have chosen, inspite of their troubles to live in the moment.

This thing that we have become is scary I tell you. We live like there is some time in the future when we will finally have enough time to smell the flowers. Like right now all there is to do is work and work some more. Happiness for us has become an aspiration, postponed indefinitely. It has become something that will be enjoyed after we have achieved insert your long list of goals here. We forget that all we have, really, is today, now, this very moment.

I have lost too many people for the futility of life on this side of the border to escape me. So I have decided, in this race that I am running, to stop every few kilometers and catch my breath. To take a few moments and just relax. If I intend to finish the race in one healthy piece I know I must rest. I owe myself that much.

And if you think I am too slow, go on ahead, who said we were going the same way anyway?

©Naomi Lucas
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