Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Difference Between Them And Us

It's in their DNA. It's a culture, a character trait; a lifestyle. They are curious, creative and not afraid to make mistakes. They love to collaborate and are driven by this unbelievable ambition to make their mark on this side of the border. This behaviour fuels innovation on all fronts, they disrupt technology and norms with glee and proponents of the old struggle to play catch up. They are creators.

Us? We use, eat, wear and drive what the creators have created. Our struggle is with how to use the app, not how to create one. We are ostentatious and take pride in flaunting the inventions of other men. We don't want to partner or work with other people. We live like princes while the environment around us lies wasted. Armed with degrees and PHDs the impact of our education is only felt in our diction and the quality of people we hang out with. We are consumers.

The difference between them and us  is an innate selflessness; a desire to leave the world better than they met it. In every society you will find a mix of both.

At the end of the day, irrespective of how much you spend or amass, as long as you are not creating, you are at the bottom of the food chain.

©Naomi Lucas
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Aderemi Fakunmoju said...

A worthy read....a charge to give back to my environment something useful and impactful one way or another

Hairy Diary said...

And so wealth we strive to amass at the anus of the food chain.