Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Playing The Employment Game

You get the call you have been waiting for. Date and time is set. Your suit is dry-cleaned, teeth flossed, make up on point. Your CV has made enough of an impression. You have one foot in the door now.

Enthusiastic, you show up at the venue. You sit before a panel - A panel from hell. As the interview progresses, you feel the heat rush up your face. Unified by their sadism, they
seem more determined to humiliate you than shortlist you for the job. They ask you irrelevant questions, laugh sarcastically in response to your increasingly feeble attempt to prove you can do the job, complete sentences you started; remind you that time is running out and they need to bring in the next candidate. Right there it occurs to you that you may not be all that. You question your intelligence and the experience that has brought you thus far.  

At some point in that room, the panel moved from recruiting to bullying. More often than not, the problem did not begin and will not end with you. It may be a legitimate recruitment tactic to test your stress level or it may just be a display of questionable emotional intelligence; more often than not, it is the latter. It is important for you to be able to see through the obvious and read the underlying motivation for such behaviour.

I have seen so many young professionals broken by recruiters, battered so hard they have lost the motivation to keep searching. While expecting professional conduct from recruiters is out of your control, you get to decide how much of what you are confronted with gets to you.

I hope you know a job is not a favour but a legitimate transaction between traders. I hope you know yourself enough to know the value you bring to the table. I hope you don't settle for less. When you are confronted with situations like that, walk out with your head held high. Your not being a fit for the job does not translate to incompetence. No one is so bad they are unemployable. There is a role that suits everyone, it just may not be found behind a desk in an air-conditioned office.

P.s - Written for a friend who could do with some encouragement.

©Naomi Lucas
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Tessa Doghor said...

I hope you know yourself enough to know the value you bring to the table.

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Di'Otun Strut said...

Somebody (be it an individual or an organisation) should investigate the exploitation of jobless young Nigerians by Consultants, agents and the likes. #EnoughIsEnough

Naomi Lucas said...

Di'otun, it's the deficit that has given employers the impetus to do the things they do. Until unemployment figures come down, the exploitation will most likely continue. Sad but true.