Thursday, 3 July 2014

How To: Get Posts Hot Off This Blog

This post is for two distinct group of readers: those who don't know how to keep track of my posts (A lot of people ask me how to get posts without having to check on the blog first) and then those who up until a few months ago, used to get emails from me. I got really overwhelmed trying to moderate conversations on all the platforms (Facebook, Yahoomail, Gmail, Blogger, Twitter etc.) so I stopped sending mails.  The latter category, the ones who used to get my emails, have been whining since I stopped sending mails. You would think they have to trek to the blog to read what I have written LOL.

Considering how busy things have been for me, I figured a little automation should help ease this process up a little. Please follow or subscribe and help a sister out :)

To get the latest blog post is really easy. One way to do so is to subscribe by email. To do so, look for the box below on the blog.

Type in your email address and a pop-out box like the one below opens. 

To confirm your request, you have to type in some text, as shown above, to you know, prove to us that you are a real human being. Once you do, click the complete subscription request button and thats it.

You can also get the latest blog posts via Google Friend Connect. Look for the image below on the blog:

Once you click the 'Join This Site' button, a pop-out page opens just like the one below. 

You can follow using your Google, Twitter or Yahoo accounts. If you click on any of all 3, it takes you to your account login page to sign in. Once you do, you will get email alerts as soon as I publish posts.

And if you want to reach me directly, use the Holla! Form like the one below:

Not too complicated I hope?

Thanks people for all the feedback so far. It has been tremendously helpful.

©Naomi Lucas


DAIC-Concept said...

For people like me:

the 'Get The Latest Posts By Email' box is on the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the last column of this page.

the 'Join this site' box is directly under the first box. gorrit? (lol)

Lastly, the 'Holla' form is located left section of first column on this page.

Naomi Lucas said...

Even I am confused by your description lol