Thursday, 3 July 2014

How To: Drop A Comment On This Blog

I have gotten to the point where I think this post is necessary. I've had friends call me and ask 'Naomi where is my comment?' LOL. Some say they dropped comments on my blog and couldn't find it when they clicked the publish button. Others just don't know what to do once they click the comment button. The blame is all mine for assuming that everyone is as familiar with blogger as I am and I sincerely apologize.

To drop a comment, look beneath each post, you will find the social media icons captured in the picture above. Click on 'comments.' (3 comments in the picture) It opens a pop-out box with all the comments on the post, a box to 'leave your comments' and a list of options to choose from (Like the picture below)

You can choose to use OpenID, your name and web address (If you have one) or decide to post your comment as an anonymous user. Click on your preferred choice, input the required details and click the publish button. 

Because I have enabled comment moderation, you don't see your comment on the blog immediately. It comes to me as an email with an option to approve, spam or delete it. Your comment is published on the blog once I approve it.

Easy eh? :D 

Thanks people.

©Naomi Lucas

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