Sunday, 29 June 2014

#SundayTalk: The Not So Curious Case of Mrs. Angela Kerry

On the 10th of May, 2014, Mrs. Angela Kerry, a 64 year old retired Customs Officer and her 10 year old adopted daughter, Obiagulum, left for Sango, an area in ogun State, for a prayer session. On the 31st of May, 2014, her sister, Susan, reported her missing at the new Oko Oba Police Station. Her disappearance was traced to Olatunji Azeez, the spiritualist who had invited Angela for prayers.
Olatunji Azeez told Angela that her family members were after her properties and asked her to bring the documents of all her landed properties for prayers. She did. He told her to go inside a building and to stand on a cloth/ he had spread. Under the cloth/mat was a well 40 feet deep. Angela did as she was told and fell into the well. Olatunji Azeez then poured over 40 buckets of sand into the well, effectively burying Angela alive.
Her horrified daughter watched everything in stunned silence.
He locked the building and went out. When he got back, he found the 10 year old on the sand (I think the poor child may have thought she could dig her mother out.) Olatunji poured another 30 buckets of sand into the well, burying the child as well. The next day, Olatunji got two bricklayers to cemented the place.
After committing the crime, he took her Toyota Camry vehicle to a dealer’s workshop to sell. Unknown to him, her car had a tracker. It was this tracker and the confessional statements of the dealers that led to his arrest. By then, he had already sold her landed properties at Omole, Oko-Oba and Ajah at N75 million, N120 million and N180 million respectively.
Later versions of this story portray Angela as a woman desperate to have a baby even at 64. Some have said Angela and Olatunji were lovers, some say they were business partners....
Out of respect for the dead, I will restrain myself from sharing my thoughts on Angela and the decisions she took that ultimately led to her gruesome death and that of her daughter but I can't help thinking, when are we ever going to learn? When?
©Naomi Lucas
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