Friday, 6 June 2014

On Boarding Schools, Parrafin and Libido

During a team outing recently, a colleague talked about his experience in a boarding house in Zimbabwe. It was a boys only facility and he told how they were served food cooked with a healthy doze of paraffin. This was more frequent during cold seasons. He asserted that the singular purpose of the paraffin was to lower their libido. He was the only guy at the table so the ladies just laughed it off...

Having never boarded, I was shocked to say the least as I remembered seeing paraffin on the label of some non-edible products. I did some research and found this really interesting article on, not surprisingly, it was also a concern in Nairobi and extends beyond boys only boarding schools.

So I'm wondering, does this happen in Nigeria too? Is the Ministry of Education aware? Is there a scientific link between paraffin and low sex drive in teenagers? Is paraffin meant to be ingested? Are there health implications we should worry about? 

Lady, gentleman, if you went to a boarding school, it will be nice to hear from you. If you are a doctor, please share your thoughts on this. I really would like to know.


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