Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Just Before You Begin To Prattle

We live busy lives. These days there's hardly time for formalities. We call, we get straight to the point, get what we want and get off the phone. But I think there is a valid case for basic courtesy when you pick up the phone to call anyone. Of all the phone manners you can learn, the one I have found most useful is asking the receiver if its a good time to receive your call.

I ask that question most times I call and half the time the response is usually a squirm (Yes, I hear it in their voices:)) and then "Actually, it's not." I'm usually grateful I asked, 'cos while I consider what I have to say useful, there is no point going ahead if the receiver's mind is somewhere else. No matter how badly you want to chat, you need to respect the receiver's right to not be in the mood...

©Naomi Lucas

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