Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Part 2: For Those In Positions Of Authority

I have to admit, he looked the part. Tie nicely clipped, pocket square even, Italian suit, blemish free skin, British accent; he was dapper alright. And he had just finished from LBS. Kai.

He was assigned my direct superior. I did not mind at all. I mean how could I? :)

And then work came. And dude was asking me for templates where I expected him to create them. I chucked it up to him trying to ‘find his way around.’

But he did not stop. Every time we got a new brief, he would ask if there were templates. If any was found, then it went without saying that I was supposed to get the job done. I had no issue with that even though I would have appreciated some more direction and involvement from him.

I began to feel queasy when
he started passing off my work as his. He used ‘I’s a lot. I prepared, I did, I worked on, I developed. Lies. Though I was mortified, I wasn’t sure how to deal with the situation so I let him be.

It got worse when he began to agree deadlines with clients without finding out what I had on my plate first. Since I was expected to get the job done and I was only one person, there was only so much I could do per time. He started getting heat from above and from clients and I bore the full brunt of the pressure.

Things came to a head when we missed another deadline and it was fatal and management chewed him out. He came down spoiling for a fight. Screaming and cussing, he disrupted the entire workplace in his anger. Now those who know me know I can appear unruffled in crisis. You just might find me filing my nails while a house is burning. Okay that’s an exaggeration but I’m sure you get the picture.

Anyway, my calm got to him. With his fingers dangling centimeters away from my eyeballs, I kept quiet and looked at him with a smug smile on my lips. Colleagues had to hold him to keep him from hitting me.

I got a call to come upstairs where the second in command, having heard the commotion downstairs, asked what had happened. I told him. He was enraged not just by what he had done but to find out I had been doing most of the work by myself.

He called a meeting immediately. The entire office assembled. Right there in front of about 40 people, he fired Mr. Dapper. See drama. Dapper threw decorum through the window; tie and pocket square all messed up as he bawled on the floor begging.

Thanks to that superior, I was saved from almost certain premature death.

This is what I'm trying to say; please, don’t be the kind of leader that just talks. The kind that looks the part, acts it but can’t seem to get anything done. Try and walk some of that talk; even if it’s just a yard. It doesn’t matter if you wake up and find yourself shackled to a corner office, once you find you're responsible for anything don’t give room for excuses; beginning with you...

©Naomi Lucas

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