Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Prayer For The Abducted Girls

Naomi Luka. One of the abducted girls is called Naomi Luka. Creepy. Though the possibility of me being in Chibok at the time of the abduction is almost nil, I see how easily it could have been me.

So to Naomi and her friends in Sambisa, while we wait and pray and hope the international community and gallant soldiers bring you home, I speak to you this morning;
Your destiny will not be aborted; you will not die before your time
Your travails are but temporary
You will get through this
May you be granted wisdom to deal with the horror of your present reality, may you be protected from the terror that rules by night
When your heart is overwhelmed and you want to lie down and die, may you find strength to make it through one more day
The days and months you have lost will be restored
Because of what you are going through, what you will come through, you will bring comfort to many and be agents of peace

To the mothers of the girls, we are with you. As helpless as we are, may you find comfort in knowing we feel your pain every waking moment.

To every father pretending to be strong and crying behind closed doors, be strong. May you find wisdom to see your family through this time. May you be a pillar of strength and a symbol of hope to your loved ones.

To every family nuclear and extended affected by this tragedy, I speak peace to you this morning.  I speak grace to you; the grace to remain hopeful, grace to believe that this will end well. And as we all stand with you in prayer and solidarity, I declare, you will not die of heartbreak. You will have the last laugh.

And to every abducted girl who has passed away from the trauma of it all, rest in peace dear one. Your blood will cry out on your behalf and torment your captors for the rest of their days.

It is so. 

©Naomi Lucas

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