Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Passing Of An Institution

Checkmate was so good, I can still whistle the soundtrack from beginning to end almost 2 decades after. 8pm every Thursday, the streets felt like graveyards - quiet 'cos everyone was indoors watching it. I cannot remember any other TV drama since then getting the kind following Checkmate got. In an industry without structure or benchmarks for getting anything done, she became the standard for film and TV making in Nigeria.

Some of us may live and pass without anyone taking notice but she came, made her mark and has left behind an industry that has rebranded international perception of Nigeria.

To the woman who made it all seem so easy, may history be kind to you, may those who you have mentored live up to the ideals you espoused. And may your family find solace during this really trying time.

Rest in peace Amaka Igwe.

©Naomi Lucas

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Chiny said...

Wow! Didn't know she passed on - she was an icon. Truly. Rest in peace, Amaka Igwe.