Monday, 3 March 2014

Yes, We Want Change But...

Nigerians: Easily inflamed, self-righteous, hypocritical, ambitious, gullible, passionate, erratically patriotic. A funny bunch we are.

We argue subjectively, more often than not without context, without understanding the issues. With brutal honesty and a shocking deficiency in the basics of social intelligence, we vent, rant, whine and accuse. The problem is the government or other people. If everyone else would just do the right thing, we all will be fine.

Battered in recent times by troubles that can make a decent country go to war; Deziani, Farouk, Boko Haram, Maina, Oduah, Suntai, NNPC, Jos, ASUU, Sanusi, Dame Patience, GEJ, The Senate, Ameachi, we are vexed. We are outraged at elected officials and the manner in which they discharge their duties. We want change. We want it very badly.

…Thing is, the protests, teleconferences, town-hall meetings, walks, marches and other events that require our physical presence and active engagement to bring about the change we want are a tad inconvenient.
 ‘I’m on the road at that time, is it possible to reschedule the protest?’
‘I’m out of town the entire week. I’m so sorry.’
‘You have my moral support 24/7 but you know I can’t show my face there…’
‘Oh wow, if the notice wasn’t so short I would have made it.’
‘As it is my son’s pee is blue. We’re on our way to the hospital. Keep me posted please.’
‘I’m not coming. Sorry, I don’t trust the organizers.’

We really want change. We don’t want to watch time pass us by like our parents and grandparents; apologizing every chance they get for failing us, for failing Nigeria. We are the generation that will usher in the change this country deserves. We believe that much.

But er, don’t fix any meetings on weekdays ‘cos we will be at work. After work hours are a no-no, we will most likely be stuck in traffic. No meetings in the night because we will be asleep then. Weekends are dicey with all the weddings and chores and catching up on rest et al.

So yeah, we want change but only if it happens sometime other than weekdays or weekends. And while you are at it, the change we want should be driven by someone from our state of origin; someone who worships the same God we do. This change must be paid for and organized by someone else. We will lend our voice and moral support and a teeny weeny bit of our time and make a few phone calls but you know we can’t be too involved right?

Nigerians: A Google ‘hangouting’, facebooking, cable TV watching, tweeting bunch content with likes, shares, retweets and trending hashtags while the world around them goes up in flames. A really funny bunch we are.

©Naomi Lucas


Anonymous said...

So very true.But you may have to consider some of the reasons usually given for non participation by the people affected.I will give you an example or two.I know a guy who during the #occupyabuja protests who had no house ,no car but months after the protest followed up on the contacts he got at the grounds and they helped him to get a connect from SLS and he got married to a palace guard's daughter as part of the conditions given and to use his facebook presence or social media presence to support whatever comes from that quarter and today he is a larger than life figure.He was immediately made a board chairman of SUREP in his home state and he made away with the monies for projects and now he is back again asking people to come fight for SLS and his reinstatement.
Another popular one is Dino Melaye who once told me face to face that he spends money all the time he calls for a rally and thus he will recoup his expenses should he be in power again before he looks at the followers he has.
Now that makes me think.I hope it also does same to you

Naomi Lucas said...

Hmmm. You do have a point. For some people, sadly, the clamour for change will always be about self aggrandizement.

sholagiwa23 said...

Deep. Food for thought.

sholagiwa23 said...

Deep. Food for thought

gcmimpact said...

Yeah, ON POINT AGAIN. We all suddenly became cyber Journalists, Politicians, Critics and Activists....let's see how many of us will....muted

Danjuma abdullahi said...

Hmmmmm.. you are damn right, I wish you offer solution

gcmimpact said...

Well, I personally don't see a ready-made solution aside the fact that we all need to participate in our own way: Human Right Groups, Civil Society Organisations, Media, Religious Clerics, Inviduals...#ItBeginsWithMe. Tomorrow MOTHERS MOURN in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, how many are ready...

Naomi Lucas said...


Blue Moon said...

You got it totally right