Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Watch - Hilarious, London Weather: Otutu

Caveat: Shamelessly stolen off Chris Ogunlowo's Facebook wall. Watch at your peril :D

Ok seriously now, I had tears in my eyes watching this video. Sad thing though, he spoke Yoruba throughout.

If you're reading this and you really understand the Yoruba language, please help me translate this video so others can share in the fun. You can drop the translation as a comment. Thanks a million.

It's first of January, 2014. Let's start with laughter jor...



McChiks said...

"Hello Brother Wale its sukonmi calling, sukonmi the boy you helped get ticket to london. How long is the ticket for? 3 months?!! Please could you help change it to 1 month better still 1 week? This cold is unbearable. Yes I did say I wanted to come to london to shine but there is no way to shine in this cold. Im on my knees begging I want to come back to lagos. Yes I know lagos is very hot but I prefer that heat to this cold because i'm dying. You won't change the ticket date!? Dont make my send curses your way brother wale change the ticket. Hello? Hello? Brother wale? He ended the call, im finished. This cold will kill me.

Naomi Lucas said...

Thanks a million McChiks. Now I can understand properly :D