Tuesday, 28 January 2014

On Opportunities, Closed Doors And Airplanes

There will come a time in your life when you will be swamped with opportunities. Everywhere you turn, it will seem like there is money to be made, happiness to be found; glory waiting. Be careful, be discerning. Not all opportunities should be taken. Shut some windows deliberately ‘cos the path may lead you in the exact opposite direction from where you ought to be.

There will come a time in your life when it seems like the universe itself has conspired with other forces to frustrate you. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see 10 closed doors before you see an open window. Do not despair. In every misfortune is a huge lesson waiting to be learned. It is in hardship that stamina is built. Character forged in the midst of lack cannot be shaken amidst plenty.

There will come a time when you honestly believe you can fly; believe you can be a million and one things and excel at them all.  It is true and it is not. Choose your options carefully. Engage only when victory is assured - to a certain degree. Make a personal commitment to excel at the options you have chosen. Do not spread yourself too thin and do not let anyone make you doubt.

There will come a time you may decide to dent the universe. Time and chance may collide and present you the perfect opportunity. Take it. While you contemplate however, there will be some who believe your dream is too ambitious. And they will mean well. Do not listen. Some things are never meant be done at a micro level. Sometimes, the options may be all or nothing. Go ahead and do it. The only way to build an airplane is to build one, not open an airplane spare parts factory.

©Naomi Lucas


'Lara said...

Love this and thank you for the words of advice.

Naomi Lucas said...

You're most welcome Lara :)