Thursday, 2 January 2014

My 2013 Discoveries (Movies, Music And More)

I really should have published this before 2014, I just never sat long enough to compile the list. But hey, it's done. Below is everything I discovered last year except where otherwise mentioned. I found them useful, inspiring and life changing. Go ahead, compile yours and share; I'll love to see what you were up to *wink*

Note: Each line is hyperlinked to various sites. If you want to know more, just click on the link.


Count of Monte Cristo
World War Z 
Captain Phillips
Mr and Mrs
Phone Swap
Joyful Noise
A Monster In Paris (Animation)
Hunger Games 
The Great Gatsby
The Adjustment Bureau
The Help
Olympus Has Fallen
The Grey
Flowers Of War
The Words
After Earth
A Monster In Paris


Game of Thrones
The Borgias (Amazing montage by the way)
Mad Men
Breaking Bad


You Might As Well Laugh (I'm not done yet but it sure is one hilarious book. The mothers will absolutely love it)
Millionaire Women Next Door
Built To Last
Talent Is Never Enough
Good To Great
The 360 Leader
From Third World To First
Time Traps
The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back
Dream Maker
The Matter Is Life
I Think There's Something Wrong With Me

Writers, Blogs and Websites

Frank Edwards - The whole Album

Please forgive the 'colour blocking' on this post; the hyperlinks have gone haywire :)

And...remember, this is my list. If you disagree, post yours.

Happy 2014

©Naomi Lucas

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