Friday, 3 January 2014

Fascinating Read: Animal Rain

Okay so I have never seen this happen. I have only read about it. I consider it bizarre enough to make my fascinating read list :)

In 2009, Japan witnessed a strange phenomena - a downpour of tadpoles in a number of cities within the country. An eye witness, a 55 year old man, explained how he was caught in a tadpole downpour. Upon further exploration, he found more than 100 dead tadpoles covering the windshields of cars in the area. Dead tadpole downpours were also reported by local officials 48 hours later in another city within the country.

In 1972, 2004 and 2010, fish 'rained down' on the tiny city of Lajamau in Australia. The tiny white fish, fell by the hundreds on the remote Australian town and were alive when they hit the ground.

The raining down of small creatures such as frogs and fish is rare with scientists widely attributing the phenomena to strong winds, storms and water sprouts sucking up creatures before depositing them elsewhere.
Frankly, I don't buy the explanation. What do you think?

©Naomi Lucas


Anonymous said...

Looooool! What would you rather believe? That manna fell from heaven?

Naomi Lucas said...

Er... maybe there's another planet on top of us? lol