Thursday, 25 December 2014

Watch: (Merry Christmas), You'll Thank Me for This

Can you remember me asking you to do anything on this blog? 
Of course! It's 'cos I never have :) 
All that story was to ask, infact beg you to listen to Pentatonix' rendition of 
christmas favourite 'Little Drummer Boy' 
I honestly doubt you have heard anything so good, trust me (Use an earpiece or headphones
for maximum effect).

And as you listen,  close your eyes and Imagine I'm the one singing up a storm, hehe. 

Oh well, do have a very merry christmas and don't forget the reason for the season :D

P.s - Watch out for a feature on Pentatonix soon; they've earned it.


Little Drummer Boy


Unknown said...

Wow. Amazing stuff. Have it on repeat here.

Naomi Lucas said...

Same here oh :)