Thursday, 26 December 2013

Fascinating Read: The NAZCA Lines

I think our ancestors were more intelligent. I think the absence of light and digital technology was a good thing for them. The quality of life, thought, invention, innovation, writing and other cerebral activities were way better in time past.

And one more reason I believe so are the NAZCA lines - vast shapes drawn in the Peruvian sand by
an ancient population for reasons known only to those who drew them.
Covering a 450km2 expanse of coastal desert, NAZCA lines are oversized artworks etched into the Peruvian plains. Geometric designs, pictures of animals, plants and human-like figures, they are visible from the air as giant line drawings. 

Due to the dry, windless, and stable climate of the plateau and its isolation, for the most part the lines have been preserved but an influx of squatters inhabiting the lands is causing worrisome deterioration.

Google NAZCA lines to check out some more pictures...

©Naomi Lucas

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